RSJ Tax Relief | Resolve Your Tax Problems Now
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Resolve your tax problems permanently

An important step towards resolving tax problems is to take action. Anxious of the outcome, many taxpayers are unable to quantify and cap their fears only to exacerbate their tax debt problem with interest, penalties, and new tax obligations.


At RSJ Tax Relief Advisors, we understand this fear. We will help you gather the facts surrounding your liability and work on your behalf to establish the minimum payment required to prevent liquidation, garnishment, or lien. By identifying the true extent of your tax obligation, we can alleviate your anxiety.

Reaching Clarity

Identify the nature of your tax debt and contain your anxiety.

Solutions & Negotiations with the IRS

Let us work with the IRS to stop seizing your assets with optimal solutions.

Implement Tax Solutions

We effectively work with you to achieve the best customized results.

Sustainability for Tax Health

We achieve results and maintain continual IRS freedom.

Meet our dedicated
Tax Resolution Team

Taxing agencies like the IRS and Franchise Tax Board can and will seize the assets of taxpayers who do not negotiate a satisfactory tax-payment plan. Aggravating matters, taxpayers who do not quickly and proactively seek a tax resolution can see their tax balances double and triple. Fortunately, RSJ’s tax resolution advisors can help solve these matters and communicate directly to the IRS for you.

Are you ready for some peace of mind?

Contact us for a confidential and complimentary consultation with our experts.

If you have tax debt of $10,000 or more and are looking for an advisor to help you resolve your tax liability, safeguard your assets, and customize a long-term tax settlement plan, please contact Janet Sikiyan at RSJ Tax Relief Advisors LLC at (818) 465–6438 or use the contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours or less.